Better experiences through informed insights.

Great ideas emerge where perspectives intersect. We're there. We research, plan, design, and develop websites, applications and products that educate, enable, entertain, and entice.

Our Process

More than anything, we're passionate about the journey. We advocate an iterative process, with each step informing the next, to rapidly define, design, test, refine, develop and deploy the most effective and appropriate solutions.


Intuition and experience will only get you so far

We ask the right questions, listen, observe and collect the intelligence you need to make informed decisions.


Measure twice, cut once

We clearly define objectives, map the current state, and consume and analyze all available information to identify opportunities and define the plan that best meets your goals.

Design & Develop

And now for the fun part

Our creativity knows no bounds. Regardless of the challenge or problem to be solved, we are united by our appreciation of good design and our dedication to create great work.

Agile iterations

We know that iterating early and often isn't just an industry idiom - it really works. We integrate our design and development teams to swiftly resolve challenges which often requires a bit of compromise from both sides.

Manage & Measure

We can do better

We measure the solution against predefined goals and metrics to gauge the success of the solution and plan continuous improvements and implement enhancements.

We believe in solving real problems and doing work that matters


Intranet ApplicationPortal Redesign

Having access to timely destination, passenger and ship information is critical to a cruise line's ability to plan resources, manage costs and optimize business functions. The resulting wireframes represent our approach to integrating a robust parametric search solution, intended to be built on SharePoint, and provide greater user control over content to generate meaningful reports.

UL LightSmartAndroid, iOS and Web App Design & Development

As the federal standards for higher efficiency light bulbs take effect, changing a light bulb isn't as simple as changing a light bulb. UL, the foremost test and certification laboratory, identified a need to educate consumers to prepare for the upcoming changes. Wayfinder conducted primary and secondary research, defined and designed the experience and implemented the solution across the most pervasive digital formats. Today, we continue to evolve the experience based on changes in standards and user feedback.

Joy Global ReportContent Strategy & Print Design

We were first engaged by Joy Global to re-envision data visualizations, but quickly realized that their customers would benefit from something more than stylized charts and graphs. We defined a content strategy and design of a business intelligence report that offers data, insights, and actionable recommendations in addition to a few beautiful visualizations.

UL Certifications DirectoryiOS App Prototype

Architects and engineers regularly cite certified products, assemblies and configurations in their designs as a means to facilitate design specifications. Unfortunately, this data is often difficult to find using traditional sources. This proof of concept was developed to explore opportunities for improving access to and management of certified designs.

PowersmartSupporting Choice in Energy Providers

With more states changing regulations to foster greater competition among energy providers, PowerSmart was envisioned as a platform to enable consumer's access to greater choices. Wayfinder collaborated with the project team to review requirements, brainstorm solutions, and generate wireframes and designs over a period of five days from concept to completion.


About Us

We're a team of strategic, creative and technical experts who collaborate across miles and media to do great work. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, we integrate our talents to help our clients communicate, market and sell more effectively, across industries and media.

Chinmoy Raval

Chief Experience Officer

Chinmoy founded Wayfinder in 2004 with one goal: to do work that matters. He has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute and lives in Miami, FL with his wife and sons.


Alice Mensch

Chief Operating Officer

Apart from being a wiz with numbers, Alice's experience with operations, accounting and finance & over 15 years of marketing, research and product development make Wayfinder hum.

Randy Cochran

Senior Experience Developer

When he's not busy adding depth and detail to our experiences, Randy can usually be found with a fly rod in hand. Rest assured, though - no icons were harmed in the making of this site.

Stephen Klein

Senior Experience Designer

With over 12 years' experience in the digital space, Stephen is an avid gamer who is passionate about achieving elegant solutions to complex problems and discovering the next best beer.

Agustin Sanchez

Senior Experience Designer

Design director, photographer, musician, & husband. Agustin has been a visual artist for over ten years, playing with type & pixels to create beautiful experiences.